Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Superman!

If you haven't already seen it, go see this documentary out right now.

Reasons to see this film:

 1. It's really well made and entertaining. Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth) is a very talented film maker. It brought me to tears a few times.

2. It has a lot of eye opening information about our public school system, without (I thought) being too one-sided. He points a finger at part of the big problem and I think he's fair. It's a well thought-out argument, taking on both Democratic and Republican legislators and mostly, the teachers unions.

3.  It does have somewhat of a hopeful message at the end. It champions some of the successful charter schools that have emerged in recent years. When the filmmakers were on Oprah a month ago talking about the film, they mentioned some of the charter schools that are doing great things, and the charter school organization Nate works for, was mentioned and Oprah donated money to all of those schools!

4. My husband is in it!  Nate makes a few cameo appearances, as Guggenheim references another educational documentary he made 10 years ago that Nate was in, called The First Year  . Nate is still in touch a little bit with Davis Guggenheim, and he invited us to a screening in SF a few weeks ago. But we didn't know we'd see Nate (a younger Nate!) up there on the screen! That was kind of cool.

Nate hasn't told anyone that he's in it. And one of our best friends just gave him a really hard time when he discovered Nate was in it and Nate hadn't told him. So, at the risk of being a little braggy by association, as his wife, I think it's only appropriate to boast about my husband, since he won't.  :-)    I am so proud of all of the hard Nate puts in everyday at his charter school. It's a tough and thankless job most of the time. But I know that he is helping to shape little minds everyday and make this world a better place.  He's my superman.

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Lina said...

Yea, you're married to a pretty amazing guy! Great folks flock together:)
Really enjoyed the movie too! Very thought provoking. Mark and I discussed it for days.