Saturday, April 04, 2015

Serin turns 4!

Serin turned four yesterday. She is becoming such a little big-kid now. Admittedly she has been treated like the baby in our family for way longer than Finn or Selah. She nursed longer, had a bottle longer, slept all the time, wanted to be held and carried and was not nearly as adventurous as the other two. And then, Callan was born. Instantly, Serin loved her new role as big sister. She has made it her #1 favorite pastime to be with Cal. She is truly the most helpful kid in the house with the baby. Although she can't really carry him around or even hold him much anymore, she always reports to me what he's up to if I can't see. She just loves him so much. She often refers to him as "somebody really special." She'll say, "Mom, there's somebody really special who just spit up." I love her big heart.

At four Serin:
  • Loves preschool. Loves Ms. Anita and she takes any "job" Ms. Anita gives her very seriously.
  • Has become very attached to her heart blanky. 
  • Loves Sierra the dog almost as much as she loves Cal.
  • Plays so well alone still with stuffed animals (stuffies) and any miniature thing.
  • Also likes to play with Selah and her cousins and all of Selah's friends. 
  • when I ask what she wants for snack or lunch she says "Mom can you just please give me all of the things that I like?
  • Likes to ride her bike with training wheels.
  • Is really funny when she gets all worked up telling one of her stories.
  • Graciously gave up her bed last month for Callan and moved into Selah's twin bed. 
  • Loves gymnastics.
  • Won't wear jeans. Ever.
  • Loves pink and purple.
  • Can be the most stubborn kid in the family.
  • Does not really appreciate a lot of attention, but will talk your ear off if you get her alone.
  • Still working on her "Ls", Selah is still "See-ya"
We love you so much Seriny boo. We can't wait to see you grow and grow. xoxo

Friday, November 14, 2014


I need to have another baby. I already miss this one. I promise next time I'll pay more attention to each wrinkle and roll and hair and funny face. The newborn stage flies away too quickly. Callan is over 3 months old now and almost looks nothing like these photos. I love the little chubber chubs he is now of course, but this little sleepy guy in these photos was so precious. So light and wrinkly. He got down to 7lbs 11oz. Super tiny for my babies. Then back up to birth weight 2 weeks later, and growing at warp speed now. 

Those first few days are a blur. My budding photographer friend Ali came over when Cal was one week old and took these great pictures. He was so sleepy, yet so hungry those first couple of weeks. School started for the kids when he was about 10 days old, so it was just me and Cal and Serin almost at the get go. People have been asking me how it's been with four.  I tell them it's easier now than being really pregnant all summer with 3 kids at home. Now 2 are at school all day, one is in preschool 4 mornings a week and Cal and I have all this quality time! Quality time driving everyone around.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Nate let him keep the long shag through the summer. But once school was about to begin.....SNIP!



First Day

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Two Weeks

Callan is 2 weeks old today.I can't believe that two weeks ago we didn't even know WHO was in that big ol' belly of mine! I'm so happy to be carrying him in my arms now instead of my tummy. He got heavy at the end.

Here we are together two weeks ago.

And here we are now.

Callan is a dream baby so far. He eats a ton during the day. And sleeps almost all night long. I actually don't mind the middle of the night feedings. I'm kind of a night-owl. But for the past three nights Cal has slept right on through until morning! I know I should be celebrating him sleeping through the night. But I wake up several times just wondering if he's breathing sometimes!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Baby Cal

Callan Joshua Monley
Aug 2, 2014
8lbs 11oz

Dear Family and Friends,
Serendipitous fortune has smiled on the Monleys once again! We are basking in the serenity of God’s love, rejoicing in the birth of our baby son- Callan Joshua Monley.

Callan is a Battle, a Rock in ancient Gaelic. Cal Trask, Steinbeck's personification of how the best in our nature struggles to triumph over the worst; Cal Ripken, Cal Worthington, California.... Our Battle Rock has a lineage to uphold!

Someone familiar with Rock Battles is his other namesake- my brother Josh. Scientist, musician, artist, engineer, Josh has got to be one of the best uncles a kid could ever ask for. Our hope is that little Cal will embrace life with the same verve and joy as the man who is his example.

So once again the bells are ringing in our home. The horns are sounding and the fattened calf is glancing around nervously. We have a brand new Monley, a brand new Summy, another branch on the woven grove of our family trees. We thank God for Callan Joshua, and we hope all of you get to meet him soon.
With Love,

Nate, Katie, Finn, Selah, Serin, and Callan Monley
30 minutes old

Does this family look full yet?

Newborn puffy face

First in line to hold baby brother


Instant love.

Absolute pro

Grandma Summy's 13th grandchild

And Cal makes a baker's dozen!

Proud Papa Tom

The baby whisperer, Granny Peg.

Our first selfie!

Trying to find a happy place

Cool Cal

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Selah at 6

What a year it has been for Selah in Kindergarten! She enjoyed every second of it. And she learned to read like a superstar! Every day Selah would come home talking about an experience in the Golden Poppy classroom, or who her new best best friend was. There was a "boyfriend" stage there for a while, but Nate shut that down right away. Sorry, Arron H. She's not old enough. You may call her in 11 years.

 Selah had the best Kindergarten teacher a kid could ask for. Ms. Sierra was loving, kind, funny, silly, smart and she just got Selahbob. She knew how to keep Selah engaged and learning even though she was cruising through all the curriculum. Selah started researching different animals and writing her own books on them. Montessori seems to be a good fit for Selah right now.

 At the end of June, Selah turned 6! At six years old Selah:
~is a great swimmer. 2nd year on the swim team now, and has a good time with her friends there.
~loves reading. Likes Amelia Bedelia and Magic Treehouse books.
~writes little notes to people all the time. I keep many of them. Too many.
~is always performing. She still hasn't developed any sort of stage fright or fear of embarrassment. I'm glad. I'm sure she'll be more guarded as she grows up, but for now I'm glad she doesn't really care what other people think, though sometimes that has its drawbacks too. :-)
~Eats almost anything.
~Loves to skateboard. Last year she rode my longboard 4 blocks to Finn's soccer practice twice a week. I can't run to keep up with her now.
~She's the biggest goofball I know. Total ham. And I love it most of the time.
~She loves to exercise and where exercise clothes.
~She loves her friends Brynley, Sierra, Ayla and all of their siblings.
~She is the best present-opener. It's always "exactly what I wanted!" and "my absolute favorite colors!"