Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Fun

I haven't posted in a while. It's been a pretty gray winter here and it sort of takes the wind out of my sail. It took me almost a month to buy a new battery for my camera. I do like the rain, but it's the cold grayness that gets to me. Until last week, I had almost forgotten what the sunshine looked like. (That being said, we had a wonderful time last week working on our garden finally!) I'm told that it's been grayer than normal. We've been doing the best we can having fun inside. I do a bit of babysitting for some friends of mine, so this has made for some fun play dates for Finn and Selah. It helps spice up the day!

Brynley, Selah and Octavia...such pretty names.

Finn and Wyatt pretending to scale a cliff

Gio and Finn being "mean and scary fire ants."

Fire ant hole.

We have watched a LOT more movies this winter than ever before.

Legos and trains are big with us right now.

Here's Finn showing me his "Mail-i-copter". It delivers mail, obviously.

One of our favorite inside games is hide and seek. We play it as a family almost nightly. Finn likes the old "hiding under an up-side-down laundry basket" spot and Selah's current favorite is inside the linen cupboard. She is getting really good at finding new places to hide. It's so cute when she we say "Ok, who's turn is it to hide?" and Selah silently runs off as fast as she can!

When we don't get enough sunshine, my family starts acting nutty.

So this is what I look like naked with my shirt as a hat.....