Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So we finally bought some tubes and decided to make good use of this river that's in our backyard. We can plop in the water a couple miles upriver from here and then get out right at our house, if we pay attention and recognize a few bushes and rocks. It's an awesome way to beat the Sacramento heat. It's such a strange thing to do if you think about it. So lazy. It's the couch-potato's version of outdoor activity. And I love it.

 For a little more excitement we recommend tubing down Cache Creek. There you actually go through lots of rapids, like "The Mother". And a cool spot for rock jumping.

That's right dude. We're hard core tubers.

Don't forget to apply sunscreeen, drink lots of water, and wear your life jacket. Safety first.
(oh how I miss our old softball team......)
Happy Floating!