Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Selah is 4!

Selah's big day landed on a day when we were all at a cabin way way up in the mountains with friends. She has never been home on her birthday!  But we celebrated with a big party just one week later. My camera was totally useless so I don't have much to show for the party. But that's okay. We had fun. Selah and all her friends had a blast.

Things I love about Selah the 4 year old:

*She's totally spunky.
*She's the most gracious receiver of gifts. She opened gifts at her party in front of all the kids and parents and always gushed over how it was "her favorite EVER!" and she "LOVED it!"
*She's a smart little cookie. She's well on her way to being an early reader, just out of her own efforts and desire. She's constantly writing letters and sounds out words. I totally didn't see that coming.
*She CANNOT stop her body from moving and shaking when she hears any music, even in her carseat. And she shakes her hips like a hula dancer very well. I did NOT teach her that. But it is really cute. .
*She's always game. She'll try anything new, play with anyone. She's just a good-timer.
*She's a cuddler. I love it when she crawls into bed with us.
*She's my artist. She and Granny Peg like to explore that together.
*The little "hand-full" I had a year ago is less rebellious now, but still passionate about things.
*She went to most of Finn's Sunday school classes since Nate taught it, and was the first kid to memorize and recite the Lord's Prayer. She always surprises me!
*She's an awesome sister, always looking out for Serin, and always wanting to play with Finn.
*She's super stoked for another year of preschool with Ms. Anita! 

I'm excited for a another year with Selah at home with me before she's a big old kindergartener!
We love you Selah-bob!