Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Beads.

I don't know where to start with....the beads. For the past few months, Finn has become very attached to/ obsessed with playing with beaded necklaces. He doesn't wear them, or pretend they are jewels or anything that obvious. They are like magic beads, that with his imagination, can become whatever he wants them to be. He simply moves them through his hands and fingers and makes some sound effects (explosion sounds usually) and poof, they are a rocket ship, or an ice-breaker ship, or a train, or mail (yes, mail) or a volcano spilling lava. Whatever those beads become, they have replaced every other toy we own since about April. I think this is sort of neat. His imagination is endless, and he's constantly making up new scenarios with the beads, telling stories outloud (to himself) and moving throughout the house this way.

But, now there are rules attached to the beads. The beads stay in the car when we go somewhere, and the beads are put away when a friend comes over, otherwise Finn becomes very unsocial and engulfed completely in those things and won't share them. Usually he just carries them around with him all day too, sort of like a blanky or something. They've become more than a toy.

I'm sort of wondering how long it will last. I love my Finn. He is so unique. I'll bet he'll be a great storyteller some day.

Have you dealt with anything like this with your kids?