Friday, August 22, 2014


Nate let him keep the long shag through the summer. But once school was about to begin.....SNIP!



First Day

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Two Weeks

Callan is 2 weeks old today.I can't believe that two weeks ago we didn't even know WHO was in that big ol' belly of mine! I'm so happy to be carrying him in my arms now instead of my tummy. He got heavy at the end.

Here we are together two weeks ago.

And here we are now.

Callan is a dream baby so far. He eats a ton during the day. And sleeps almost all night long. I actually don't mind the middle of the night feedings. I'm kind of a night-owl. But for the past three nights Cal has slept right on through until morning! I know I should be celebrating him sleeping through the night. But I wake up several times just wondering if he's breathing sometimes!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Baby Cal

Callan Joshua Monley
Aug 2, 2014
8lbs 11oz

Dear Family and Friends,
Serendipitous fortune has smiled on the Monleys once again! We are basking in the serenity of God’s love, rejoicing in the birth of our baby son- Callan Joshua Monley.

Callan is a Battle, a Rock in ancient Gaelic. Cal Trask, Steinbeck's personification of how the best in our nature struggles to triumph over the worst; Cal Ripken, Cal Worthington, California.... Our Battle Rock has a lineage to uphold!

Someone familiar with Rock Battles is his other namesake- my brother Josh. Scientist, musician, artist, engineer, Josh has got to be one of the best uncles a kid could ever ask for. Our hope is that little Cal will embrace life with the same verve and joy as the man who is his example.

So once again the bells are ringing in our home. The horns are sounding and the fattened calf is glancing around nervously. We have a brand new Monley, a brand new Summy, another branch on the woven grove of our family trees. We thank God for Callan Joshua, and we hope all of you get to meet him soon.
With Love,

Nate, Katie, Finn, Selah, Serin, and Callan Monley
30 minutes old

Does this family look full yet?

Newborn puffy face

First in line to hold baby brother


Instant love.

Absolute pro

Grandma Summy's 13th grandchild

And Cal makes a baker's dozen!

Proud Papa Tom

The baby whisperer, Granny Peg.

Our first selfie!

Trying to find a happy place

Cool Cal