Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Selah at 6

What a year it has been for Selah in Kindergarten! She enjoyed every second of it. And she learned to read like a superstar! Every day Selah would come home talking about an experience in the Golden Poppy classroom, or who her new best best friend was. There was a "boyfriend" stage there for a while, but Nate shut that down right away. Sorry, Arron H. She's not old enough. You may call her in 11 years.

 Selah had the best Kindergarten teacher a kid could ask for. Ms. Sierra was loving, kind, funny, silly, smart and she just got Selahbob. She knew how to keep Selah engaged and learning even though she was cruising through all the curriculum. Selah started researching different animals and writing her own books on them. Montessori seems to be a good fit for Selah right now.

 At the end of June, Selah turned 6! At six years old Selah:
~is a great swimmer. 2nd year on the swim team now, and has a good time with her friends there.
~loves reading. Likes Amelia Bedelia and Magic Treehouse books.
~writes little notes to people all the time. I keep many of them. Too many.
~is always performing. She still hasn't developed any sort of stage fright or fear of embarrassment. I'm glad. I'm sure she'll be more guarded as she grows up, but for now I'm glad she doesn't really care what other people think, though sometimes that has its drawbacks too. :-)
~Eats almost anything.
~Loves to skateboard. Last year she rode my longboard 4 blocks to Finn's soccer practice twice a week. I can't run to keep up with her now.
~She's the biggest goofball I know. Total ham. And I love it most of the time.
~She loves to exercise and where exercise clothes.
~She loves her friends Brynley, Sierra, Ayla and all of their siblings.
~She is the best present-opener. It's always "exactly what I wanted!" and "my absolute favorite colors!"