Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend
We started the weekend off right, with a troop of about 8 mommies and their toddlers caravaning down to Thousand Oaks Civic Center for a live performance of Sesame Street! Finn has never actually seen Sesame Street, but we've got an Elmo book or two at home, so he knows Elmo, Big Bird, Bert & Ernie and that's about it. It was a bit overstimulating for 2 year olds perhaps, but a good time. It was fun to see a big auditorium full of wide-eyed little people. Finn sat there staring at the stage with almost no expression on his face.....but just about cried when it was over, asking, "Where'd Elmo go? Where'd Big Bird go?" He's such a sweet boy.

Giovana, Finn, Olivia, Vanessa and Charlie waiting for the show to begin.

Giovana and Finn pose with Elmo (and overpriced merchandise.)

A glimpse of the show.

In the parking lot after the show, a big yellow fire truck parked to do some training. They let our kids crawl all over the truck and gave them Jr. Firefighter badge stickers and said "Now go be brave!". (Finn still won't take his off of the hoodie he wore that day.)

Then "Aunt Jo Jo" came to visit with cousin Wyatt! Nate was out of town with his "fellas", so we had the house to ourselves. Just us sisters and our boys - our little boys. Joanne and I had a lot of fun just jabbing away the whole time about our pregnancies. (She's a couple of months behind me) We also spent a fair amount of time exchanging maternity clothes, baby clothes, and what-to-wear-when-you-aren't-pregnant-anymore- but-you-still-cant- fit-your-normal-wardrobe-clothes. Finn loved playing big brother to Wyatt, bossing him around a bit. Wyatt didn't seem to mind. They played so great together. Highlights were our trip to the zoo and walks downtown, riding on the State Street Shuttle, and eating some grubbin Indian food.

Pregnant sisters with our hands full!

Two baby burritos!

A fun new attraction at the Santa Barbara Zoo, a play area for the kiddos with giant eggs, a giant nest and a cool hill with fake grass perfect for sliding down (if you aren't weak-sauce like our little Finnermagoo)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Train Ride to "The O.C."

Last weekend we took the Surfliner to Tustin to visit Tía Lina. (Congratulations Lina on finishing your Masters degree! Woohoo!!) It's a sluggish 4 hour ride from Santa Barbara, but a great view of the surf for the first 45 minutes and no stress of traffic. I enjoyed many Sudokus, Nate got some work done on his laptop and Finn was thrilled to not be strapped in a car seat. We spent a chunk of time playing our own version of Old Maid. Finn has a fascination with trains, so we thought he would get a kick out of it. He did. The conductor even let him blow the whistle (push the button) when we left Santa Ana. It absolutely made Finn's day.

Here's us leaving Santa Barbara. Finn was glued to the window until we hit L.A. (No offense, L.A. but the train doesn't go through the prettiest side of your city of angels.)

Finn's first view of our incoming train. "Toot-toot!"

We met some really friendly strangers on the train. Finn was charming all of the middle-aged ladies. When the lady who took this picture left, he asked another elderly lady rather loudly, "Where did the old lady go?" Ouch, Finn. (When you're two and cute, you can get away with anything.)

Finnegan giving Tía Lina some frisbee-disc lessons.

A natural athlete, I must say!

Finn loves his Papa Tom.....and the swing.

We had a great visit with Granny Peg and Papa Tom. It's not easy to get Finn to look when theres an airplane in the sky, okay?

A couple of happy campers. (This is Finn with too much sugar and no nap.)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day & Nate's Birthday
Nate was slammed this weekend with writing papers, reading, masters project and school plans, but we did manage to fit some time for celebrating Mother's Day and Nate's Birthday. My man can bust out several chapters of reading (dry material probably), 14 pages of writing (riveting stuff I'm sure), and make his weekly teaching plans (challenging yet fun no doubt) and still made time for outings with me and Finn and a killer breakfast in bed for ME this morning! In the evening, we celebrated Nate's 32 years of life the best way we know how...with a group of our closest friends at Zodos Bowling and Beyond! "Mark it eight, Dude." (The Big Lebowski)

Awww. Flowers for Mommy.

Finn, Ramona and Thomas just taking in the glorious bowling atmosphere at first.

I tried to recreate Nate's childhood birthday treat.

Finn blew out Nate's candle first midway through the song, the little stinker. I re-lit it to give Nate his rightful turn to make a wish.

Fun for the whole family!!!

Okay, its way past bedtime for both of these guys.

My two bowling balls.

Good buddies, Shane, Jos, Jared & Bdog

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesdays are generally fun. I don't go in to the office to work (I try to work from home while Finn naps) and Finn and I just really hang and out and have a ball with Thomas & Ramona next door. After the nap we walk down to the Farmers Market, the park, and if I'm feeling extra adventurous...the gym (can't beat the $2 daycare there while mom gets to swim or workout and then relax in the hot tub!) We end the day with dinner for 2 (Nate has class at UCLA that night) and then it's bathtime, lots of reading and off to bed for Finn. I get to clean up our messes, maybe do a session of Hypnobabies and then play (movie, read, computer....shower.)

Today was like any other Tuesday except Finn "bonked" into his little buddie Thomas and ended up chipping a tooth. He's okay. But now I guess our little cutie will be sporting a Lloyd Christmas smile for the next 4-5 years. (That's a "Dumb & Dumber" references to those of you non-movie watchers.) Enjoy the photos of our fun little Tuesday.