Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Selah has wanted to chop her long hair for a long time. Maybe a year. I kept reminding her of all the times we did fun princess hair-dos, and how pretty it was, the braids, the pony tales, the buns.  But she kept bringing it up. And a couple of her good friends have cute short A-line hair dos. Then one day at preschool she took it upon herself to set up the hair appointment herself with a preschool mom who is my hair dresser,  and then told me. That's my girl. My assertive girl.

This may not seem like a big deal. But I have only given her 3 small 1-2 inch trims since birth. But the truth is, I barely ever styled her hair cute. We're always in such a rush, that she usually gets a messy pony tale. I'm glad it was her idea. It makes it so much easier to do a big change. So I measured her hair and made sure we had the 10 inches necessary to donate to Locks of Love and we took the plunge.

 I'm so glad we did. I love Selah's new hair. It totally matches her spunky personality.