Saturday, August 30, 2008

Selah is two months old and changing by the minute.

She cracks up all the time now, sometimes just at lamp or ceiling fan. That's my girl!

Finn watching a movie with Ramona and Thomas, the day before they moved away.

Ramona "Mo Mo" holding Selah. Next time they meet, Selah may just be bigger than Mo.

Hey Mom, look what I can do!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Visit up North!
With about 10 days of vacation left for Nate, we decided to pack up and head up to the greater Sacramento area to visit Nate's family in Woodland (brother Dominic came home from the Peace Corps) and mine in Yuba and Sacramento (sister Jen was visiting from Kentucky with her 4 kiddos). The 6+ hour journey wasn't bad. Adding a 6 week old to the car didn't pose as many challenges as I thought. Selah's still quite the sleeper, both day and night. (thank God.)

Selah, 6 weeks old.

Papa Tom meets Selah and has yet another child to whom he can show off his Donald Duck impression.

Selah meets her namesake, Grandma Margaret Morgan (Nana.)

Finn and 2nd cousin Michael, sharing grapes at the pool.

I got a good visit with long-time friend Troyann and she met the kiddos. This was at a live performance of Nate's brother Josh's band, Schwamigos. The band rocked and it was great to catch up with Troy.

We tried to take Finn out on the river with uncle Dominic and Cuz-uncle John, but the boat battery was dead. Bummed, we just sat on the dock for a while. The ocean is great, but I do miss living by a river.

After a fun visit in Woodland to see Papa Tom and Granny Peg, we headed to Yuba to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Summy. Then, we joined our extended family on a camping trip to Fort Bragg - gutsy with 5 different cousins bringing their little ones (3 of whom were missing their husbands for the weekend). There were 9 kiddos in all, ages 6 weeks to 7 years old. It was a filthy awesome time. The kids were overjoyed to discover the wonderful world of smores.

Pile of cousins. It was fun to see Finn rough-house a little bit with the boys.

Nate and his Godson, Aidan, sharing the love.

Finn and cousin Luke, timidly enjoying the slip n slide.

Sister Jennifer and baby Grace on the beach in Fort Bragg.

My sister Joanne (8 months pregnant with boy #2!) and cousins Alisha and Tristan. It was so fun to catch up with my cousins now that many of us are mommies.

Baby Grace (7 months) and baby Selah (6 weeks). They will be BFFs for sure! Just give it a year or two.

All the cousins' kids on the Kellogg side of the family. More kids to come!