Friday, June 15, 2012

My little graduate!

 Well, that went fast. Only a few posts ago, I was preparing Finn for his first day of kindergarten. Now, he's done. I am so happy with our choice to have Finn go to Daddy's school. His teacher was amazing. They did do a lot of work (a little too much homework if you ask me) but they had a ton of fun too. The kinder teachers used songs or rhymes or hand motions with every lesson. With their good class behavior they earned points for dance parties or hot cocoa parties. He loved it! And Finn has come a LONG way! He could hardly hold a pencil correctly on the first day and could only write his name really....(this is his writing after the first couple weeks).

And this is his writing at the end of the year.....

 And now he is reading at the middle of first grade level! But more importantly, he loves school and he loves to learn. And the love of learning is our goal, right? We are so proud of Finn.

Finn and his beloved teacher, Ms. Duong. We are so excited about the two year loop that the teachers do at CHA. He'll have Ms. Duong again next year! Yay!

Finn and Principal Monley!

This is Finn and one of his best buddies Alex. They like to act like zombies together. I love this girl. I wish I had more pics of Finn with his friends on grad day, but it was so incredibly hot that day and we had to jet out and do this to celebrate....
We are so so so proud of you Finnegan Jack and all of your hard work! Now........let the summer fun begin!