Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No more photos for awhile.....

I'm super sad today. After a fun day visit at the Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch with some friends, my camera didn't make it back home with us. :-( It is highly likely that I put it on the roof of the car while buckling the kids in their car seats ......and then of course, forgot to bring it INSIDE the car. (*long tired sigh*) My only glimmer of hope is that the nice person who sees it lying along the side of the road where ever it finally tumbled off my car, will have basic digital camera knowledge and see that the last 10 photos I took with my cute little Kodak were at the Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch (even one with the sign) and they'll be a good Samaritan and take it back there.

For now, please enjoy these cute pics of the toddler yoga class we went to last week. Yup...toddler yoga. (This is so quintessential Santa many things in Santa Barbara that I sort of want to make fun of but also can't help but participate in!)

Finn did very well considering it was his first time following directions in a class setting. Half of the challenge was keeping the toddlers on their mats. They did actually do a lot of the poses we do in adult yoga classes.

...they focused on breathing...

...and finally got get rid of all that pent-up toddler energy in a big empty echoy room. That's pretty much toddler heaven right there folks.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your future yoga instructors.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good old Sacramento

Well folks, I can accomplish anything now. Last week I packed up my 2 1/2 year old and my 3 month old and drove the 6 hours (correction....8 hours) to Sacramento to visit my sister and her new born son, baby Eli.......and attend sister-in-law Lina's bridal shower. Yes, it was the longest journey of my life, but we got there safely and in one piece and with minimal crying - relatively speaking. How do single mothers do it?! I'll tell you how.....with a ton of patience, a Doodle-Pro, podcasts of kid stories, several kids songs and a 40 minute stop at McDonalds complete with a Happy Meal toy (Lucky Finn got a bobble-head wind-up toy of Chubaca's head on a robot's body. So stupid, but he loved it.) I don't even remember the last time I've been to McDonalds, but it was lookin' pretty good from the I-5. The week in Sacramento was a blast though, and Nate took the train up North at the end of the week and drove back with us....thank God.

Welcome to the world Baby Eli!

Joanne and I had fun just being homebodies with our babies and letting the toddlers run around, but we did manage a couple of field trips. We met mom and dad Summy (happy birthday Dad!) at the Bishops Pumpkin Patch in Wheatland. This is the one I went to as a kid, and it is so vamped up now!

Wyatt feeding a goat. Finn wouldn't get near them, but this kid has 2 huge dogs at home so nothing scares him!

Little Eli and Selah just worked on what they do best....laying there like blobs.

Right after we took that picture, Wyatt kicked a bunch of straw into the babies' faces. I had to take a photo before I cleaned her off. It was sort of funny. Gotta love 2 year olds!

Finn loved this old broken down tractor.

Finn and Mama on the horsies.

Grandpa Summy and the babe.

Grandpa Summy and the boys on the train.

We headed to Fairlytale Town the next day. It's such a cool little place for kids.

Walkin' the Crooked Mile.

Taking a rest on a candle stick.

It was such a surprise gift to be able to visit with one of my best friends, maid of honor and rowing buddie, Carrie who lives in Hawaii but just happened to be in town. Our babies are only 12 hours apart, so it was fun to meet little Riley, and let our toddlers toddle around together.

Next was a quick weekend visit with the Monley side of the family.

Tia Lina had some quality time with Finnermagoo.

More reading with Granny Peg.

Papa Tom broke out the scissors for a quick trim.

Granny Peg and Selah

Nate and uncle Josh serenading Selah

Lead singer, Finnegan Jack.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Just another week at the homestead.

Gearing up for our typical morning walk downtown or to the park in the soccer-mom stroller.

Finn got in trouble for pushing Selah too hard in the swing. Here he's showing me how gentle he can be. Selah's......not convinced.

A little shout out to our friend Jill in Chicago. Thanks for the adorable onesie!!

Finn was my biggest fan after last weekend's triathlon in Carpinteria. (It wasn't fast, but I'm getting back into it.)

We were just enjoying a nice morning of painting the other day when Finn pointed to something a few feet above our heads and said, "Look Mama! A spider!" This not so little beauty was suspended in a perfect web that stretched about 12 feet across. She was enormous. We had a good time checking her out. And then Nate came home and ......took care of it.

Raccoons, spiders...stay tuned for more creepy creatures.