Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring at last...

Not sure it's officially Spring yet, but it sure seems like it. This pics are from about 3 weeks ago when we got a glimmer of the sun and then it started raining again. We were so happy to be outside playing and working on our backyard projects. The kids enjoy exploring and "helping" in the garden with me. Mint grows like crazy and tries to take over the flower bed, but I love it! So the kids and I have been picking it and making mint tea when friends come over (with plenty of milk and honey of course) for tea party picnics on the lawn.

Nate has enjoyed getting his hands dirty the lawn a face-lift. Our lawn was almost 50% weeds.

Selah and the worm

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Selah's Tree

I am LOVIN all the blossoms that are out now! For some reason, I have noticed the change in seasons so profoundly this year - every changing leaf and blooming blossom. Being a new home owner has made me notice every little tree shrub and flower that we have on our property and so naturally I notice them everywhere else too.

A few months ago I drew and painted a big ol' tree on the wall in Selah's room. I had been dreaming about a big wall tree for over a year, so it was fun to finally go for it.

I enlisted the help of our friend Michael and his mad skills at painting. He used to be a designer....he gave me confidence in my drawing since I am NOT an artist.

Ta Da!!!!

I give you......Autumn.

The beginning of Spring...

I look forward to letting Selah take over the decorating of her own tree. Maybe next year! Right now she just tries to rip off the blossoms while she's on the changing table.