Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Serin!

This is our little Seriny-boo. She's already one and I can't believe it. She still seems very much like a baby to me, more so than Finn and Selah did at this age. (it's so hard not to compare them) But part of that is that she is still so mellow, that she just goes along for the ride and observes everything. She's just now starting to come out of her shell a bit more. She's a really content kid and a total snuggle-bug.

We celebrated her big day with a joint birthday party with cousin Muria who was visiting. It was a small gathering with the grandparents, and of course I forgot my camera!

Serin at age one:
*Loves her Mama. Loves her Dada. Loves her Selahbob. And goes berzerk with excitement every morning when she sees her Finn.
*Has taken a first step or two! But is still trying to master walking. She wants to practice with holding my one finger all the time. But still crawling everywhere or cruising along furniture.
*Loves food. Sweet potatoes and oatmeal pancakes are her favs, and all fruit. Duh.
*Says Dada if I ask her to say Mama. It always cracks the kids up on the way to school.
*Is long and lean. She's still my wee-one comparatively and she tips the scales at 19 lbs.
*She traded all that dark hair for another Monley toe head!
*She can be so serious sometimes.
*Still falls asleep a lot in the car, regardless of the nap schedule.
*Is the wiggliest baby in the world during a diaper change.
*Loves music.

Rockin out with Daddy

One swing. Two babies.

So close!

Sneaky face

We love you so much, sweet sweet Serin. We can't wait to see how you grow up this next year.
Poor poor Serin.  If she keeps it up I suspect she'll always get her way with this look.