Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dogs on Loan

Our good friends Shane and Anna (who just moved to Sac from Santa Barbara!...Woooo hooo! We'll get them all here eventually...)  just had a baby last week, so they called the trusty Monleys to watch their precious little wiener dogs, Jim and Henry. We've known these two since they were pups, so you'd think we'd be the perfect match for them. We've got a big yard, a great river trail for walks and I'm home a lot of the day to hang out with them. BUT...up until now, Finn and Selah have been pretty terrified of dogs. They want to like dogs, but the closer they get, the tighter their grip on our hands, or in Selah's case, she'll just climb up my body for refuge. Well, Jim and Henry are small enough and well-trained enough to make them the perfect trial dogs for us. I know it was a big help to our friends as they spent a couple nights in the hospital and then the following days getting settled with their first baby, Louie. (Isn't that the cutest name?) But it's also been really fun for us!

So for one week now, we've been dog people! And we've only had 3 stuffed animals destroyed, two indoor poop incidents and one doggy vomit so far. I'd say we're doing good. And the kids LOVE them!

 I think Selah will have the hardest time saying goodbye.

So now we're talking about getting a dog.......