Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Interview with a 7 year old.

What is the best thing about turning 7? "I can walk right up to kids club at the gym instead of the play center." (You're a bonefide adult when you're 7 at our gym!)

What is your favorite color? Green. "Well I have five favorites. Green is first, second is blue, third is orange, fourth is purple and fifth is silver."

What is your favorite book? "The Phantom Tollbooth"

What book are we reading now?  "Beezus and Ramona"

Where is your favorite place to go? "California Adventure!"

Favorite sport? "Basketball….wait no….FOOTBALL! My second favorite is soccer and my third favorite is basketball. And last but not least is baseball."

Favorite dinner? "Breakfast for dinner! Or….Vietnamese food." 

Favorite movie?  "Mars Needs Moms." (This is news to me. What is this movie?)

Favorite Direction?  "Northeast" (This question was added by him)

Favorite snack? "Ants on a log, or a bowl of cereal." (It's official. He's definitely my son)

Who’s your best friend right now? "Xander"

Favorite song? "Fireflies, by Owl City"  (He didn't say it, but I think Fireworks by Katy Perry was a close second.)

Favorite hobbies? "Playing with my beads, shooting hoops and playing on"

Favorite thing at school? "I love Readers Workshop"

What’s your favorite thing to do with Dad? "Watching football and playing football"

Favorite thing to do with Mom? "Play horse" (the basketball game, not "horsey" where you pretend to be one.....thank goodness).  "And since you win a lot and I win a lot, it's fun because it's like two champions playing each other. Like a championship game!" (Why yes it is!)

We love you Finnegan Jack. We love your awesome imagination, your funny inquisitive mind and your love for all things Star Wars. You are a special kid. 

Finn and his friend Alex where they performed Feliz Navidad at the school talent show.