Saturday, April 04, 2015

Serin turns 4!

Serin turned four yesterday. She is becoming such a little big-kid now. Admittedly she has been treated like the baby in our family for way longer than Finn or Selah. She nursed longer, had a bottle longer, slept all the time, wanted to be held and carried and was not nearly as adventurous as the other two. And then, Callan was born. Instantly, Serin loved her new role as big sister. She has made it her #1 favorite pastime to be with Cal. She is truly the most helpful kid in the house with the baby. Although she can't really carry him around or even hold him much anymore, she always reports to me what he's up to if I can't see. She just loves him so much. She often refers to him as "somebody really special." She'll say, "Mom, there's somebody really special who just spit up." I love her big heart.

At four Serin:
  • Loves preschool. Loves Ms. Anita and she takes any "job" Ms. Anita gives her very seriously.
  • Has become very attached to her heart blanky. 
  • Loves Sierra the dog almost as much as she loves Cal.
  • Plays so well alone still with stuffed animals (stuffies) and any miniature thing.
  • Also likes to play with Selah and her cousins and all of Selah's friends. 
  • when I ask what she wants for snack or lunch she says "Mom can you just please give me all of the things that I like?
  • Likes to ride her bike with training wheels.
  • Is really funny when she gets all worked up telling one of her stories.
  • Graciously gave up her bed last month for Callan and moved into Selah's twin bed. 
  • Loves gymnastics.
  • Won't wear jeans. Ever.
  • Loves pink and purple.
  • Can be the most stubborn kid in the family.
  • Does not really appreciate a lot of attention, but will talk your ear off if you get her alone.
  • Still working on her "Ls", Selah is still "See-ya"
We love you so much Seriny boo. We can't wait to see you grow and grow. xoxo